Getting started

The nuts and bolts of beginning therapy with me.

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My standard fee is £45 per 50 minute therapy session. I make a quarter of my appointments available at a lower rate of £30 for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford therapy with me. If you need a lower rate than …

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Frequency & duration

How often will we meet? Once a week, at a fixed day and time. How long does therapy take? Most people ask this question already knowing that the answer is either, “depends”, or just, …

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Make an appointment

Booking Calendar

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Contract & intake form

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The initial consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to get a feel for whether we can do therapeutic work together. On my side, that involves assessing whether I am able to offer you effective therapeutic support, and whether I feel my approach is …

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We are England: expanding from ego to nos

A memory comes into my awareness: I am 15 back in my hometown, going to the cinema with some friends. As I’m crossing …

Speak up!

Ask your MP to oppose NICE’s draft guideline for depression

UKCP recently issued a press release urging NICE not to publish its guideline for depression in adults. They provide a bullet …

Stressed person

Millennial stress: the more things change, the more they stay the same

This year, Mental Health Awareness week is themed around stress. As part of this, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy …