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Taking Stock

“Taking Stock” is a course of short term therapy, meeting once a week for eight sessions. The aim is to focus on giving shape to what’s going on in your life, and to be deliberate in deciding where to direct your energy. Have you been struggling with a sense of dis-satisfaction in your life? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Or do you have a sense of needing to make changes but not knowing what to change or how?

If so then Taking Stock could give you the space and support you need to figure out what you need to do now.

Autumn is a great time for taking stock. I notice autumn shortly before the equinox each year through a subtle change in the air and the light. Of course, the days have been growing shorter since the summer solstice, but it’s not until around mid-September that I actually notice that’s been happening.

Suddenly, it seems, the evenings are drawining in, and even if the weather is still mild, there’s an undertone, a catch, a smell that isn’t quite a smell that seems to say to me, “summer’s gone, I’m here now”.

It’s like there’s this sudden drop in intensity, like a long outward breath after a period of tension. And the effect this has for me is to open up a psychological space for taking stock and asking some important questions about what’s going on in my lifespace. What am I doing with my energy, my time? What am I gaining nourishment from, and what is simply draining my resources?

In gestalt terms, I become especially interested in unfinished business. What in my life is coming to fruition or is in need of completion? And what do I need to do to finish what is currently unfinished? This unfinished business can have deep roots in my personal history. It might be a crisis that was a long time coming, or it might be that my current life conditions are especially conducive to completing something I’ve been carying for a while.

If the above resonates for you, then consider getting in touch to book an initial consultation. I am available in person in Bristol, or online provided you’re in the UK.

Fees & getting started:

My fee is £65 per session, and each session is 50 minutes. If you’re interested in Taking Stock, then to start with we would meet for an initial consultation. This is a stand alone session, charged at my standard rate, aimed at getting an outline of what you want to work on. It gives us both a chance to get a feel for if we are a good client/therapist fit. There’s no obligation to continue therapy with me following the initial consultation.


For my availability and contact details for making an appointment, use the button below.